Percussion: Counterculture Within

Transplanted Roots: Percussion Research Symposium is designed to convene researchers and professionals working in the ever-changing field of contemporary percussion. The overall goal is to integrate and present written, oral, and performance research in percussion and construct a global picture of this quickly evolving discipline, with a fresh and critical view that escapes the dominance of the European-North American tradition. The format consists of paper presentations, lecture-recitals, and concert performances.

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2019
Proposals may be submitted in English or Spanish.

Fees and Registration: Early Registration: August 1st ($150 USD, $100 USD students)
Regular Registrastion: August 15 ($175 USD, $125 USD)
Final Deadline to Guarantee Accomodation: September 1

On-site registration during symposium is avaiable with no guaranteed food or accomodations at the university discounted rate.

All fees in USD.

Downtown Guanajuato

Downtown Guanajuato

Call for Proposals

Transplanted Roots 2019 will focus on ways in which contemporary percussion has ventured towards, gone against, or branched out of traditional aesthetics and conventional music making in order to evolve, (re)define, and search for new ideas, creations, and practices. We are looking for works, methodologies, performances, and performance practices which resonate, reflect, and address individual, communal, regional and global issues with urgency. 

In historical terms counterculture has been associated with movements in society that have challenged the status-quo by rebelling against pre-established ways and conventions. We believe that contemporary percussion emancipated itself from the traditional role and function within Western classical music idiom in order to develop, evolve, and become one of the richest and most exiting mediums for music-making in our contemporary cultures. We would like to use the opportunity to reflect on this transformation and create discussions (both in words and sound) that address these situations, thus clearing the path taken collaboratively and collectively by the composers and performers involved and presenting current thoughts and music practices derived from this history.

Percussion: Counterculture Within seeks to engage percussionists around the world in a productive conversation to explore the following:

• How has percussion practice set itself apart from more traditional forms of music making?

• What characteristics are intrinsic to percussion instruments that makes them susceptible and appealing to experimentation and new music?

• Can instruments coming from traditional music become a means of revolutionary creation?

• What kinds of interactions have made percussion instruments a means to evolution in contemporary music?

 The review committee welcomes submissions that relates to the conference theme, Percussion: counterculture within either directly or obliquely. 

Transplanted Roots invites submissions for the 2019 percussion research symposium, to be held September 12-14 at University of Guanajuato. Guanajuato, Mexico (arrival: September 12; departure: September 15). Submissions are accepted in the following formats: paper presentation, lecture-recital, or concert performance. In each case, a maximum of 25 minutes is imposed, and concert performance submissions of 15 minutes are encouraged. All participants will need to register for the event, which will cover catering and entry to all activities.

Registration Fee: $150 for professionals; $100 for students, retirees, and observers.

Financial assistance: If the proposal is accepted, the symposium will provide Letter of Acceptance to assist participants applying to their own funding agencies to cover registration, accommodation and travel costs. Limited travel scholarships are also available to current students.

The University of Guanajuato will hold hotel rooms at a discounted rate near the music building (Holiday Inn). Participants can pay for their accommodation either in advance or at their arrival.

Submissions must include the following information, in PDF format:

• Name, institution and contact info of presenter(s) (please list all names in case of group submissions)

• Session type (paper, lecture recital, or performance)

• Title of submission and abstract. paper: 250-word abstract. Lecture/Recital: 250-word abstract + stage set-up/instrument requirements. Performance: 250-word abstract + stage set-up/instrument requirements.

• Biography of key artist/presenter (250 word)

• Technical and instrument requirements (please note this section must include all requirements. Please also note we might provide alternative solutions to maximize the inclusion of your submission due to possible limitations of the hosts technology and instrument inventory).

• In the case of performance submissions, links to relevant media (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.)


The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2019. Results will be communicated by June 15, 2019. Transplanted Roots is a peer-reviewed symposium. All submissions will be reviewed by two external reviewers in addition to symposium organizers.

Submissions and all questions should be sent to transplantedroots2019@gmail.com

Please note, it is only possible to present at the conference if a fully written paper/abstract/program note is received by August 1st, and that conference registration has been paid. These papers/abstracts/program notes will then be printed and printed as the official conference proceedings. 


Symposium conveners:

Ivan Manzanilla (University of Guanajuato, México), Host 2019

Vanessa Tomlinson (Griffith University, Australia)

Aiyun Huang (University of Toronto, Canada)

Steven Schick (University of California, San Diego, USA)

Transplanted Roots 2019 will be hosted by the University of Guanajuato in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Guanajuato, giving the symposium participants the possibility of exploring one of Mexico’s most important cultural centers of unique historical heritage, architecture and cultural activities.

Plaza de la Paz, Guanajuato

Plaza de la Paz, Guanajuato


Guanajuato is a city in central Mexico. It's known for its silver mining history and colonial architecture. Its network of narrow streets, alleyways and tunnels is typified by the Callejón del Beso (Alley of the Kiss), so named because the balconies are close enough for a couple to reach across and kiss. In a former granary, the Alhóndiga de Granaditas is an art and local history museum with pre-Columbian exhibits.



Please direct all questions and submissions to the organizing team: